The Pirate Movie

I'll miss you. I'll miss you all very much.
But my mind is made up.
Oh, shit!
Then so be it.
My mistake. See you later.
I know you'll think me an old softy.
But in return for all your years
of loyal service...

I make you captain of your own ship.
I shall command her with pride...
and someday...
There's always the someday, Freddy.
Grab him!
Hang five, honky!
Climbing over rocky mountain
Skipping rivulet and fountain

Passing where the willows quiver
Passing where the willows quiver
By the ever-rolling river

Oh, let her be! Who needs her?
She's a disgrace to the noble name
of Stanley. Just look at her.

I wouldn't wear that dress to bed.
I think that's the whole idea.
Wash your mouth out.
What is she looking for?