Look, don't start in with me.
Don't do that.

Rape is not a laughing matter.
That guy wanted me.
You cannot believe
the night I have had tonight!

-I think I can imagine.
-No, you can't.

I saw his eyes.
I was in trouble.

If you don't come in,
I'm in the Daily News the next day.

How did you ever let him in?
What do you mean?
He was singing.

-ls he that good a singer?
-What do you--?

That's him!
Say I'm in the bedroom crying.
Don't let him in!

It's Sandy.
It's Sandy?

I can't let her see me like this.
I hear you in there.
Open the door. It's me, Sandy.
Open the door!

-Sandy, is that you?

What time is it?
I fell asleep, I guess.

I was having a nightmare
and you were in it.

Mike's in the shower.
I'm in the shower!
I got soap in my eyes!

I'm not dressed.
I was asleep. I was dreaming.

You were in my dream.
You had big teeth.

I had big what?
-I gotta get something on.
-Are you having a party?

I'm in the shower!
Turn on the water!

It's stuck! I got soap in my eyes
and there's no water coming out!

I can't come out
with soap in my eyes!

Open the door!
I can hear you in there, you guys.
Open the door!

-Open this door.
-The door was open.

You must think I'm really stupid.
No one would say it to your face.
I've been out there for 10 minutes.
It sounded like a party in here.

Well, Mike was in the shower.
You know.

-Hi, I was taking a shower.
-He was in the shower.

-Good shower?
-Good shower.

Why haven't you returned
my phone calls?

I'll go do some writing.
Excuse me.

Wait, I'll be back.
I got a present for you.

I'm glad you came over.
I've been meaning to give this to you.

-I suppose this means nothing's wrong?
-Nothing is. Is it?

I've called you all week
and you haven't called back.