Wrong Is Right

Sally Blake was not a CIA spy.
Yes, you can quote me on that.
Hacker, find out where
Hale has disappeared to.

- I'm on it now, sir.
- Jack, can we get on with it, please?

Yes, sir, but this is top security, sir.
I know that, Jackie.
This is Reverend
Billy Bob Harper.

- Didn't we meet on my last crusade?
- No.

- The night 14,000 were born again?
- I wasn't one of them.

Sir, we are facing a national crisis.
Billy Bob is going to lead us in a
prayer, just like before a ball game.

There's no time.
No time for God, Jackie?
Bless you.
If you know who I am,
why the handprint?

Nobody gets in here...
Mrs. Ford, will you please
put your hand on that light?

- Thank you, ma'am.
- Just a lot of white tape.

- I believe you've met everybody.
- Not me. Not eyeball to eyeball.

Meet the vice president
of the United States.

General Wombat heads our
terrorism task force.

Eyeball to eyeball, I'm sure.
- Mr. President...
- Shoot, Jack, and aim at Mallory.

The Eye of Gaza,
you've heard of it?

- Terrorists.
- The deadliest.

Spy satellite. One of ours.
Can read a license plate
from outer space.

Can tap a telephone conversation
in Russia, China, anywhere on Earth.

Picture's coming in now.
Enemy training camp, North Africa.