Wrong Is Right

This is the latest,
most popular automatic weapon.

Fires 800 bullets a minute.
Weight: Four pounds.

Effective range: 270 yards.
Sky-light scope for night work.
Makes killing a pleasure.
Five thousand rifles.
The two suitcases,
they're still available.

Now? What would I do
with atom bombs now?

The same as before, drop them.
For each bomb we drop,
they will drop 50.

The same was true before.
Before, when King Awad ruled,
we had nothing.

Now we rule.
Now the oil belongs to us.

Now comes law and order.
Now what happens to the
homeless Palestinians?

We'll sell them oil, of course.
And the Israelis?
They'll have to pay more, of course.
Of course.
Satellite cleared.
World hookup confirmed.

Gallup and Harris will conduct
new election polls.

And three commercial breaks
at $300,000 for every spot.

Some presidents come into office
because they're ruthless.

All become ruthless
before they leave.

I want the people to know the truth...
... the whole truth.
It's the American way.

I tak e full responsibility for the...
For King Ibn Awad's
removal from office.

Right, I can't do anything about that.
It's the dog that worries me.