Wrong Is Right

Who's got the evacuation plan?
Well, where is he?
Then break into his office
and get it.

New York airport's
suddenly doing big business.

Secretary of State.
- Now where is he?
- China.

Hang up.
Well, any answers?
We've got to do something.
- Terrific!
- I say attack.

We can wipe them off the map
in five hours!

Pour me a shot of that stuff.
- Give me that thing.
- Yes, sir.

We can settle this mess
in 25 minutes.

That's the ticket, chief.
Pulverize them!
How do you open this damn thing?
- Who's got the combination?
- You, sir.

- Oh.
- That won't stop him.

It will if he's dead.
Even if you kill Rafeeq...
...his bombs could be preset,
rigged so nothing can stop them.

If he does not send a signal...
Jack? Is that possible?
That's the way I'd do it.
That rat...
...just insured his own life.
FBI, sir.
I don't care what it takes!
You have got less than seven hours
to find those bombs!

Two million people live in New York.
Another million come in every day.

Just give me the bottom line.
Using everything from buses
to subways, ships and planes...