Zuijia Paidang

I've always trusted you, child.
I am loyal to you too.
No matter what, you go to Hong Kong
and get the diamonds back.

Why me?
Otherwise, you would die.
You can make use of
my relationship with Hong Kong.

I can lose the diamonds.
But I can't lose the Italians' faces.
But I am British.
Don't you understand,
British and Italians are family.
Why I have never heard of that?
Diamonds or your life.
Morninig, Sir.
Sir, According to our information,
You forget, my Chinese
is better than your English.
Hua, you carry on.
A robbery took place in
Tsimshatsui Centre recently.

An invaluable consignment
of diamonds was lost

but was not reported.
Here's the information we have.
This is Szeto,
who deals in stolen goods.
This is the leader of
an international smuggling syndicate.

An Italian by the name of Monterosso.
Szeto didn't lose anything
in the robbery,

and the Italian didn't report
any loss to the police either.

There's only a white glove
left at the scene of the crime.