Zuijia Paidang

But he is no longer with us.
The other is...
He is...
Hey, you're in the way.

The U.S. Super sleuth, Kodojak,
Because of White Glove,
he was downgraded from
inspector to sergeant,

and lost all his hair.
If he doesn't catch
White Glove in 3 months' time,
he'll be dismissed from the force.
We'll bring Kodojak here,
since he is most keen on
getting White Glove.

We'll also be assigning
superintendent Ho.
That tough lady,
to assist Kodojak in the case.
Marvelous idea!
Hey you, got a light?
Wow, it's a bird!
Come on baby light my fire.
She's a little overdressed for that.
Wait till you find out
what's under it all.

You wanna look?
Sure thing!
Don't blink! Here, I got a light.
Don't make me angry.
It's all his fault, sorry, lady.
Let's go. It's all your fault.
Let's get out of here.
Never seen legs before?
No, I was just admiring your holster.
Are you going to meet Kadojak?
I'm too busy for that. I'm here
to look for Squealie, the informer.

You'll never find him in this crowd.
No Worry!
He'll hear me when I shout.
He's not here.
Hold it right there. Gotta go!
Gotta go.