Zuijia Paidang

Lost his shoe.
What a boohoohoo.
I'm Danny Chan.
I'm Albert Au.
That's just my cover name.
Me too.
You're going to have a robbery today.
But fear not, I'm here.
Don't move. Robbery.
Go away.
Easy now. Get down on the floor.
Stand against the corner, hurry.
Fill it up, get a move on.
Attention all units, alarm at
the kowloon City jewellery shop.

Want to check it out?
Where's the jewellery shop?
Just around the corner.
Let's go...
We're ready, chief.
Go get a car. Don't move!
Don't move!
Get back in or you're dead.
Don't move!
Ready to go, chief.
Nobody follow us or you're dead.
Move this thing.
Get out, I'm a police officer.
Where's the key?
Right here...
Hurry up...
No problem, what's your rush.
Let's move it.