Zuijia Paidang

The Governor.
He invited me here.
Very smart!
You have the right to remain silent,
anything you say,
may be used against you in court.

Your name?
Call me Albert Au.
You even have an English name! From?
Marital status?
Single, and you?
None of your business, Sex?
Madam, please note,
I have a moustache.

So what does that prove?
Only men have moustaches.
Not like you,
I still can't figure out,
your real sex.
Don't you dare!
You hit me before
I even touched you?

Don't move!
Good, very good.
Great to see you in action,

Nothing to it. She's even better.
Naturally, Superintendent Ho
has a reputation of efficiency,

but she's a little slow
with her gun, eh?

I've arranged for her
to assist you on this case.

Her! No thanks!
As cover, you two will pose
as a married couple.
What? Him as my husband?
With his looks.
I'd rather have a gorilla.

Looking for trouble, bitch!
Are the hotel rooms booked yet?
Sure thing.
Get a room next to mine for her
with an adjoining door.
Wishful thinking!
You're not scared of him, are you?
Of course not!
I just don't like hotels,
we'll stay at my place.

Your place?
Are you chicken?
Why should I be?
Don't think of me
as a woman.

They all treat me
like a man downtown.

Don't you ever forget, we are only
pretending to be married.