Zuijia Paidang

I live here.
Me too.
You're home, sis...
Don't look at him, come on in.
Who is he?
Him, you don't have to know him.
This one, no, don't bother.
Sit down.
Didn't you say you're leaving?
Yes, go on, scram.
Why don't you stay a while?
Japan was a lot of fun.
Have you been there before?
On business?
Yes, on ajob.
Hush. I think he's really
stuck on your sister.
I'll bet he doesn't even know
his own name now.

What's your name?
I have no idea.
Did you steal the diamonds?
I did.
Where did you put them?
My partner hid them.
How can we recover them?
He put the clue on two different women.
How can I find them?
I needn't bother now
that I've found you.

You heard it, Baldy.
I think he stole the diamonds.
Are you lying?
No, I am not.
I'd lie to Baldy and that bitch but,
I'd never lie to you.
Why are you holding my hand?
So what, we're both men.
You heard,
he knows where the diamonds are.
I am assigning you to
be responsible for his safety,
before we find the diamonds.
Oh no, the bomb.
Who delivered it?
I did.
Go bring it back, quick.