Zuijia Paidang

Do you think...
It's right here, step this way.
Actually, we didn't come
for the photo session.

Then what do you want?
Get out.
I came to pick up some photos
for my friend.

And who may that be?
Did anybody have
a nude picture taken?

Burt did!
So you're friends of Burt Reynolds.
No, we're friends of Joe.
I don't know
what you're talking about?

The guy with all the girl's
telephones tattooed all over,

and always talking nonsense.
I know, you mean Gigolo Joe.
That's right.
He only left a deposit
and never come back.

The photos are vital to us.
I forgot where I put them.
I'm quite busy, you know...
Please look for them...
Let me do it.
Keep watch for me,
whistle if someone turns up.

You're in for it now...
What do you want? Money?
I'm married.
No problem.
I am quite old.
I am not choosy.
I'm not so pretty.
Better than nothing.
What? A stocking.
She wouldn't recognize me then.
You better put one on too.
Oh no!
I'll give you the photos.