Zuijia Paidang

Give it to me!
It's all here.
I found out.
One of the girls work at this
taxicab place.

Leave the talking to me.
You can only handle
the older dames.

With younger ones,
it's me or nothing.

I'm not so sure.
I was in a Body Building Contest once.
I won, of course!
How many entrants were there?
Just me, of course!
Anyway, just keep your mouth shut.
Listen, it's my case.
I get to talk to the girls.
Hey, it hurts.
What's your problem now?
Don't waste the time. Let's go.
Did you run into somebody just now?
He hit me on the head.
Remember, I do the talking.
No, I want to do it.
I'll talk.
No, I'll talk.

There's an accident here cause a
traffic jam near Transport Department.
Taxi service here. Got it.
993, your wife wants to know
if you'll be home for dinner.

Tell her no.
How about us getting together tonight.
Why not? But I'm busy tonight.
Miss Mary?
Who are you?
I'm Joe's lawyer, this is his father.
Nice to meet you.
Joe was always flirting around.
How do I know where the hell
he's gone.

Even you think he's gone to hell.
He really is dead.
Yes, it was terrible.
He kept calling your name
before he died.

My name?