Amityville 3-D

Hi. Melanie.
- How do you do?
- How are you?

- Pleased to meet you.
- Nice meeting you.

How do I tell you?
When I rented this place to those people...

I had no idea that the... Look at this!
I mean, when you told me about this
on the phone, I was shocked.

I can imagine. Thanks for letting us
come over here like this today.

It's no problem.
Look at this box of tricks. That's...
- Help me! Please!
- Don't move!

- Don't let me go!
- Get him up!

Don't let me go!
We're gonna make it.
- All right. Up you go.
- You're okay.

- You all right?
- I guess so.

I guess this is what's supposed to be
the gateway to hell.

It looks convincing to me.
It's just an old well.
I never knew that was there.
I could have been killed.

Don't do that.
This is not for your magazine, is it?
You have some objection?
If it links me up with this,
I certainly do have some objection.

According to our information,
you are linked up with all of this.

That old man told you that? He's a liar.
Don't do that. Let's go outside.
I need some air.

Where does that penny-ante con man
get off accusing me?

I don't know about penny ante.
They must've pulled in quite a haul
over the last six months.

You can't connect me with it.
You have absolutely no proof.

Mr. Baxter, I'm a real estate agent.
I do a lot of business in this area...

and I have a reputation to protect.
I mean, if it ever came out
that I was connected with whatever this is...