Amityville 3-D

It's a house.
Do you know you could have sex
with a ghost?

- Really?
- Yeah, really, I've been reading up on it.

It seems it's happened to a lot of women
and they all say that it's fantastic.

- What do you think?
- I think you're weird.

Maybe that's why your father
bought this house.

He's got some sex-starved ghost up there
with boobs up to here.

Well, somehow
that doesn't sound like my father.

I've read all of his articles, you know.
I know the whole story.

I know exactly
where all the murders happened.

Ron De Feo...
murdered his mother and his father...
and his four brothers and sisters
in this house.

The master bedroom.
This is where he began.
And then right here.
He fired two more shots.
The sound muffled
by the crash of thunder outside.

And then he went upstairs
to the children's room.

Ron De Feo possessed by the spirit
of the devil in this house.

Lisa, cut it out.