Blue Thunder

Hiya, boss. How's it goln'?
Listen. L got the tape-
But I can't take it home.
It doesn't feel safe to take It home.

So I'm gonna take It...
There's thls drlve-In I go to on
Rlverslde and Vlctory, on the corner.

They've got a Dumpster In the back
behlnd the concesslon stand.

L'm pretty sire they don't empty It
till Monday I thlnk.

That's where I'm gonna stash the tape,

This Is gettin' fin, huh?
Cops and robbers for real.
Well, good luck If yoi shoild decide
to accept thls misslon.

Thls Is Lymangood-
Yeah, I forgot to tell you.
L found oit what JAFO Is.

'Just Another Fucking Observer,' huh?
Get outta there. You're not supposed
to be there. Get the fuck outta there!

You talking to me, asshole?
Damn it! Murphy!
Thls Is Speclal Base.
Commander, come in.