Doctor Detroit

You're very pretty,
like a bright little bug.

A dragon!
Say, Boss, check it out.
You got my man
over here tripping.

Dude is tripping.
What'd you give...

Stay down at the front,
with the car.

Say what?
I thought you said I could take
the rest of the night off, man.

Sure, but in the car.
Look, what utterly
tasteless furnishings.

So, you're in
the entertainment business.

Well, you could call us
public servants.

Don't we look it?
You know, I think
Cliffie is a little tense.

Uh, perhaps a hot bath?
Oh, yeah.
No, no, I don't
think it's tension,

I... I think it's more fatigue.
I... I really should be going.
It's... It's far past my usual

And let's just
say I'm... I'm not tense.

Yes, you are. I can feel
it, Cliff, right up in there.

My lattisimus dorsi,
you're so right.

It's only natural
on a night

that could
change your life.

Ah, nothing's gonna
change my life.

My life is set.
What could possibly happen?

How'd you like to
come into this business?

The entertainment business?
All I wanna do is
share my good fortune,

my... my involvement
with other people,

my world.