Doctor Detroit

Okay, let's try again now.
For the 200th time
you got to the train station

And he wasn't there,
I looked everywhere.

Then where is he?
And where is the endowment
check for the college?

Father, I haven't the foggiest
idea. I really don't know.

Boys, you've been through this
all morning. Now, have some breakfast.

No, no, no. Not until I
know that Rousehorn is safe

and that check
is safe with him.

Margaret, I feel that
you don't understand.

We have no cash flow.
Without that check, we are over,
through, finished, forget it!

Eighty-sixed, no more,
history, color it gone!

Don't help.
Oh, don't... don't you help.

Oh, my God, now,
what is it?

Well, it's the police.
See, he's dead.

Oh, I hope they found
the check.

Oh, it's all right, darling.
Everything's going to be fine.

Come on, now.
Harmon, my heavens,
what happened?

Well, thank god
you're safe.

He said he was
on his way here.

So this is where
we brought him.

Oh, you need
some hot tea.

I kept the case.
The check is safe.
I need a shower.
Uh, I'm sorry, sir, but
I've got to have that blanket back.

That's a city blanket,
I signed for it.

Well, listen,
there's no need, uh,

to linger out here.
Uh, welcome to Monroe.
You are in the guest room.
All I know
is I need a shower.

Well, you are certainly
dressed for one.

Now, tell me all about it.
How did they get
your pants off?

One leg at a time.
Of course.
Did they molest you?
Did you struggle?

I want all the details!
Only a benevolent deity
could have prevented him

from losing that check.
Now, after dinner, he is
gonna feel so much better.

What time are the caterers
coming here?

The caterers
for the welcome dinner.

Here, tonight.
Rousehorn, half the faculty.

Indian food. The Khyber Restaurant.
Don't you dare tell me!

Did you neglect...
No! No, no, no! No, no!

It's totally under control, Dad.
Everything is totally and absolutely under control.

The catering, uh, the
chapatis, pappadums, raita...

Ah, ha.
Got the curry, not to worry.