El Sur

Good afternoon, Miss.
What's your name, dear?
Look, can you do me a favor
and grab my cane, it's in there.

"The Seagull. "
Did you give it that name?
No, it was here when we arrived.
Do you remember me?
It's your granddmother...
The last time I saw you
you were just born.
How are you?
So-so, dear.
Just so-so.
But I wanted to see my granddaughter
on the day of her first communion
and here I am!
You must be tired and its getting chilly.
Let's go in.
Here is Miss' cane...
Help Pepe with the luggage.
You know who I'm remembering right now?
Your father.
If only he were here.
Milagros was the woman who took care of my father
since he was a boy.

She had a way about her
that seemed incredible to me.
Different from everyone
I'd known up to that point.

That night we had to sleep in the same room.
When does it start to get warm here, my girl?
Here its almost never warm.
No? What a strange world we live in.
In some places,
people burn up from the heat,

and in others they freeze from the cold.
Well, I'm old enough to know what to do.
And is it very hot in your town?
Very hot.
How do you stand it?
With patience and good shade.
Hey, is it true there are a lot of Moors?
There are still a few, but all disguised.
Now why are you laughing?
I like how you talk.
My dad doesn't speak like that.