El Sur

Because he's a "gentleman" and a renegade
who prefers to forget about his hometown.

Now, don't pay me any attention, Estrellita,
Or I'll starting shooting off my mouth
and never stop.

But oh what a shame that he's never been
back to the house where he was born

And how many years its been
since he left!

I know.
What would you know about it, dear?
Well, that my father never went back
because he fought with grandfather.

Your father told you that?
No, my mom told me.
Hey, is it true that Grandpa is a very bad man?
Go on! Thats just talk from the old times.
And you know what?
Even a wild animal gets tamer with age.
Your grandfather has changed.
And with all that happened back then,
and all the people who died...
And all for their ideas.
Its true your Grandfather had it bad,
And as your father always thought the opposite
he just couldn't take it.

Your grandfather could've kept it in,
but your father didn't keep quiet.

Just the opposite.
So they were at each other all the time.
They lost respect for each other.
Until one day your father left home.
Your grandfather never understood
why they argued.

And Its been like that ever since.
They both entered a tunnel with no way out
and there they stay, trapped.

But Grandpa was one of the bad guys, right?
Bad guys, good guys,
Look, just so you understand
When the republic, well... before the war
Your grandfather was one of the bad guys
and your father was one of the good guys
but then, when Franco won,