El Sur

Dear Agustin,
Once, eight years ago
I decided to never expect anything from you
I was so lonely then
much more than you could have guessed.
And it wasn't easy.
But I got over it, little by little
In all this time, I haven't heard from you.
It was to be expected
Things between us had gotten pretty bad
And you had other people around
that you cared for more than me.

I understood.
I tried to accept it and that helped me.
But now, it's different -
I don't understand this letter of yours

that I just received.
Why, Agustin, after so much time? Why write me?
To see if I'm still alive?
Well yes, I am.
But why else? I can't believe it's all
because of that movie magic you speak about.
Magic that, if you must know, I had to give up
more than a year ago.

I walked around
but I never found that place.
You remember?
The place one never wants to leave?

I ask myself, if that place ever really existed.
So, here I am.
Home again.
The past doesn't move me like it did before
and I really don't want
to keep thinking about it.

I try to look ahead
and I'm afraid that, at long last, I've grown up.