El Sur

I was in four films but never got lucky.
In three of them, as you put it,
they sent me off to the other world

in nasty ways: with a clean shot, with silk
stockings and even with a straight razor.

By the way, which way would you have chosen?
That was just a joke, I'm sorry.
I wasn't talking about me, rather about the femme fatale
that made you pick up the pen,
poor Irene Rios, may she rest in peace.
She can't answer you. Neither can I, in her place.
I think I've fallen into the trap without realizing it
I do remember the past
and you with your bad jokes
you're to blame.
The things you write.
To sum up, what is it you want from me?
Perhaps you'd better not answer that question.
It's not worth it.
Just forget it.
I would rather you didn't write me,
answering you is such an effort.

Time, Agustin, is the most righteous
angel of justice I've known.

And though I'm all grown up
sometimes -mostly at night - I'm afraid.

(dog barks)