lt's been two weeks
since my last confession.

l'm doing OK. Sort of.
l've been thinking about sex a lot.
But you can't help
thinking about sex, right?

You probably can...
Help it, I mean.

Also, I told a lie.
I had to...
Well, I didn't have to, but...

All I wanted to do
is to make her happy.

Hanna wanted me
to get the application.

I couldn't tell her that I didn't have
the courage to go through with it.

If you had seen all those dancers...
all those people...

There is no way I belong there.
I want to make
something out of my life.

I want to do so much
and sometimes...

Sometimes I think
that it's just not going to happen.

Six beautiful girls! All nude!
Hi, baby, how are you doing?
Five dollars, right this way!
Five dollars! All nude all the time!

All nude, all the time!
Cecil, look at you.
Buy some threads,
l'm running a class act here.

You look like a one-man-slum.
All nude, all the time!
Right here, live!

Six beautiful girls!
Right here! Live!

Five dollars!
Right this way!

Five dollars! Live!
Nude! All girls, all the time!

Live! Nude! Right this way!
Right through the door!

Straighten yourself up.
Attract some customers.