La Chiave

Give it to me!
It was left by a girl
we used to have.

She left, but she wasn't
much of a maid.

Coming, Flo?
So, in Paris you lived
in a commune?

Yes, for six months.
What did you do there?
Just about everything.
Hear that, Irene?
A commune would do you good.
Where the women
are everyone's.

Where the men
are everyone's!

He's a bit retarded about sex
and terrifed of impotence,

literary impotence of course.
Sex is an activity that's only interests
those who have imagination
as well as the means.

Irene has neither.
Hasn't the tired illustrious writer
forgotten something?

The means and imagination, yes...
and something else.

Go and see who it is.
Good evening.
The gate was open.
They told me to deliver
this to you.

-Thank you. Good night.
-Good night.

What is it?
I don't know.
-You sent it out to be cleaned!
- No, I didn't.

Lets go upstairs.