La Chiave

Why did he lock
you in here?

He told me you weren't well.
-Can you make it to my bedroom?

-Where is he?
- I heard him leave just now.

Bloody hell, why didn't
you ask for help?

He's a damn sadist.
You don't know,
you don't know.

He's sick, he scares me.
You mean he's mad?
Sometimes he doesn't
know what he's doing.

Come on, lets go to my room.
I knew Oliviero's family
were crazy but...

a doctor must be involved.
No, no, no.
No doctors,
no outsiders.

Irene, I want to help you,
you've got to trust me.

What's going on?
The police came...
a few days ago.
They'd found the body of a girl...
who was murdered.

Now you know everything.
But you can't live with someone
you think's a murderer.

I beg you, Floriana,
not a word to Oliviero
about what I told you.