La Chiave

Sleeping beauty,
got any cream?

I'd like to wake up with you.

And the cream?
First class.
Really fresh and appreciated
throughout the area.

-You're not Italian, are you.
- Half and half.

I see, so they've conned
another woman.

There was a black woman before you
who said she was eQual

but they got her to be their servant.
Maybe that's why she left.
-You knew her well?
- Like peas in a pod.

- Sorry, do you understand Italian well?
- So she left you?

She disappeared,
one fine morning she was gone.

As long as she didn't
end up like Giovanna...

-Good morning, Mr Ruvigny.
-Good morning.

I'm racing a bike on Sunday.
If you come you'll see
I'm not that sleepy...

They like me, they like me,
that's for sure!

European integration's not bad,
don't you agree Mr Ruvigny?
I'm sorry, inspector,
but I've been really out
of touch for a while.

Integration of what?
Here we are in a peaceful Veneto town,
with German beer,
Scottish whisky...

...and atomic condiments
for everyone.

That's the trouble with you

Is there anything to laugh about?
I didn't think the Homicide SQuad
was a school of humour.

No, Quite the opposite.
We do what we can with
what we've got.

Exceptional eQuipment...
Just think, our forensic scientist's
even got a magnifying glass!
But,joking apart,
I must apologise to you.

Apologise? Why?