La Chiave

- About Bartoli.
- Ah.

-The bookseller.
- His real name's Liguori,

he escaped from Boretto
Psychiatric Prison 8 years ago.

He killed the two girls
in a fit of madness.

Good, so you won't have
any more problems, inspector.

But problems have a trait,
they never end...
Now my dear wife knows
that I didn't kill the girl.

Now she knows but a woodworm's
eroding her brain.

The woodworm's working away
and says he was the murderer,

that the murderer sleeps
next to her in bed.

- Leave me alone, you're drunk!
-Yes, I'm drunk,

like I was drunk that night.
But it wasn't me who
killed the black maid.

I didn't kill that dirty black,
I didn't kill her, it wasn't me!
So why don't you tell the police?
Let me...
You're crazy, you're crazy,
you're killing me...

You're killing me...
Let me go...

Dario Luisetti, number 7,
has taken the lead on lap 5

and looks like he's got the race.
In second place number 3
Armando Gardiglia,

in third LucioTaramaglio
Then there's the Spaniard
Luis Soler-Borrego...

Come on! Quick!