La Chiave

Come back, Floriana...
I'm sorry.

This race meant everything to me,
understand, everything!

See, they're on the last lap...
Lets go.
-Were we are.

This is a good spot.
A double parka and a North Pole style
sleeping bag against rheumatism.
Come on.
Don't tell me you come here
to make love?

Why not? Where should we go,
the Grand Hotel?

And it's more romantic here.
Mind your head.

The bed's ready in a second.
Did you bring the
black girl here too?

Still on about her?
Jealous, are you?

Come on, get undressed,
it's not cold.

CEome on, hurry up.
How many zips have you got?

God, you're taking your time!
Wow... if I win the lottery
I swear I'll get a maid just like you.
Come on, lets seal ourselves inside
and never come out.

Come here.
Come here.