Never Say Never Again

We have invested extensively in
the Middle East and Central America

to promote insurgency and revolution.
Fortunately our capital outlay
has been handsomely offset

by the resultant sales
of armaments and missiles.

You will note that we have supplied
both rebels and government forces

on an equal basis.
In matters of death,
SPECTRE is strictly impartial.

Now for the future. SPECTRE's
most audacious enterprise of any,

next to which our previous
ventures are inconsequential.

Our esteemed Number One is in
complete charge of the entire operation,

which will henceforth
be called "The Tears of Allah".

He will now join us.
According to plans,
an American air-force officer

has been introduced
to a cruel mistress: heroin.

I understand he is now
our willing and obedient servant.

A surgical operation
has been performed on him.

As a result of a corneal implant,
his right-eye print is an exact replica of
that of the president of the United States.

He will soon be moved to
a convalescent clinic near London.

I have chosen Number 12
to have the responsibility

of taking the most tender loving care
of Captain Jack Petachi.
I beg your pardon.
Is there no speed limit here?