What's this strange music
we keep hearing day in and day out?

WonderfuI music!
Beats Verdi any time

Hands off Verdi.
This is Chinese stuff

A different civiIization
with no sentimentaI waiIs

Voice of God, of nature
Pretend they're not there
Just go on your way
It's gotten into my mouth.
Move sIowIy

What does it taste Iike?
-It's a Iiquid suIfur!

So it's good for the skin.

I'm fine.
I'm faIIing asIeep

In the 60's a drowned body
was found here

Don't taIk about it
otherwise I get scared

In the war I've seen
thousands of dead soIdiers

Now Iisten, it's never
too Iate to Iearn

Whatever happens, don't interfere
Have you heard their taIk,
what they're interested in?

You've got to be different
You know why they're in the water?
They want to Iive forever
Look who's here!
Look at them!