Miss Smallbone.
What can l say, Moneypenny? Except that
she is as attractive and as charming...

- As l used to be?
- l didn't say that.

You're such a flatterer, James.
Moneypenny, you know there never has
been and never will be anybody but you.

So you've told me.
- Welcome to Universal Exports.
- Take it, dear.

- That's all you'll ever get from him.
- Thank you, Commander Bond.

- Do you know me?
- Miss Moneypenny described you.

ln nauseating detail.
l can see you're going
to fit in here very nicely.

- Good morning, 007.
- Morning, sir.

- Minister.
- Commander.

l think you know Jim Fanning,
our art expert.

- Yes. Hello, Jim.
- James.

- Do you know what this is?
- lt looks like a Fabergé egg, sir.

One of the jewelled eggs by Carl Fabergé
as a gift for the Russian royal family.

They're priceless and very rare.
This one contains a model
of the imperial state coach.

- Top marks, 007.
- Thank you, sir.

Except it's a fake.
There's the real thing. lt's being
auctioned at Sotheby's this afternoon.

This is the fourth egg
to turn up at auction this year.

lt's from none of the usual sources.
Anonymous seller, Swiss bank account.

l'd say that the vendor was a Russian.
And now this turns up.
A near-perfect forgery.

l think Commander Bond
should accompany you to the sale.

Splendid. l could use
an extra pair of eyes.

We could try and spot the seller.
They usually turn up out of interest
or perhaps just to bump up the price.

Thank you, Fanning.
Not at all.
lf it is the Russians,
it may be an effort to raise currency

for covert operations abroad
or for payoffs.

Either way,
we'd better find out what they're up to.