- l wish to tell you...
- Both of you.

World socialism
will be achieved peaceably.

Our military role is strictly defensive.
ls that understood, General Orlov?
General Gogol, would you continue?
Thank you, Comrade Chairman. l will
now turn to the specifics of my report...

Tell him l will be there
as quickly as possible.

Please. Please.
- l am trying to concentrate.
- Lenkin.

- What is it?
- lt's terrible news, Comrade General.

The reproduction
has been stolen in transit.

The thief was dealt with,
but the egg was lost in the river.

Your incompetence will destroy us all.
- We'll have a replacement made.
- There is no time, Comrade General.

l have just been informed of
an unscheduled inventory in two days.

Control yourself.
l'll tell our London people
we must have the genuine egg back.

l hope we can reach them in time.
Sold to Busoni.
The next lot is number 48.
A superb green-gold
lmperial Easter egg by Carl Fabergé.

Enamelled in translucent green,
enclosed by gold laurel-leaf trellis.

Set with blue sapphires and
four petalled gold flowers with diamonds.

- How much should it fetch?
- £250-300,000. Anything more'd be crazy.

..used by Tsar Nicholas
in 1897 in Moscow.