Charming tune.
You do take English money?

Only gold sovereigns.
l'm Vijay.
Special expediter, Universal Exports.

- Welcome to lndia, Commander Bond.
- Call me James.

- Where's Sadruddin?
- Waiting in the taxi.

This was the wrong cover. l hate snakes.
Taxi. Please be comfortable.
- l am Sadruddin, Head of Section.
- How do you do?

- l booked you in at the Shivnivas Hotel.
- Good. My luggage?

Gone ahead.
What can you tell me about Kamal Khan?
Exiled Afghan prince.
Sportsman - polo, cricket, tennis.

- l play a bit myself.
- Really?

As a matter of fact, l've got
a part-time job as a pro at Kamal's club.

- What have you learned so far?
- My backhand's improved.

Kamal lives there on the hill.
The Monsoon Palace.
lt's heavily guarded.

- How do l get to him?
- He plays backgammon at the hotel.

As a guest,
you're automatically a member.

- Let's meet there later.
- l'll change into something less casual.

Here, you may need this
to play with your asp.

Good morning. Name's Bond.
l believe you have a reservation.

- We've been expecting you.
- Good.

l hope you have a pleasant stay.
l'm sure l will.