You have a good memory for faces.
And figures.
- This can't be a coincidence.
- No.

- What will you have?
- Nothing, thank you.

Some other time, perhaps?
Thank you.
Six and one.
- Well?
- Looks like the Major has got him.

Why don't we make it interesting, Major?
Double to 100,000 rupees.

l can't accept. Not with your luck.
You win.
l would have taken that double, myself.
Then why don't you take over
the Major's position? Mr...?

James Bond. Thank you, l'd be delighted.
100,000 rupees, then.
Double six.
Not such a good double to accept,
after all, was it?

- Double.
- Of course.

You can only win with a double six.
The stake is 200,000 rupees.
Do you have the cash?

Well, l think that this
should be ample security.

Don't you?
Play, Mr Bond.
You'll need a great deal of luck
to get out of this.

Oh, luck?
Well, then l shall use player's privilege,