Ah, Q.
- How are you?
- Most unhappy, 007, thanks to you.

How can l be expected
to maintain the quality of my work?

Sent out here at a moment's notice.
Have you any smaller thread?
Someone stuck a knife in my wallet.

Pity they missed you.
Karen, see to that, will you?
l've also mislaid my PPK.
- Anything else?
- No, that's all.

Having problems keeping it up, Q?
Experimental model.
- Hello, Smithers.
- Commander.

- Smashing, Q.
- Come on. l have a few things for you.

Very nice, Smithers.
ls the homing device ready yet?
Not only a homing device, but an
extremely delicate microphone as well.

lt goes in there like that.
Now, take a fountain pen.
Twist the top,
and a highly concentrated mixture
of nitric and hydrochloric acid.

- Dissolves all metals.
- Wonderful for poison-pen letters.

Pay attention, 007.
Pull the top off the pen.
With this ultrasensitive earpiece,
you can listen in on the bug.

The homing device is compatible with
the radio directional finder in your watch.

lf you haven't lost it.
That's amazing, Q. lt does work.