Psycho II

He asked me to, you know?
Sure. L... I mean,
I'm sure he did.

Oh, uh, have... have...
have you had dinner yet?

Well, let... let's have it

I was just about to
sit down.

It's just, uh,
sandwiches and milk,

but you're more than welcome to share it.
I really
don't think that...

No, no, no, do it. Do it... Do
it for my sake. Starving yourself

isn't going to make
anything any better, either.

All right.
But this is yours.
No, go ahead, you... you
have it. I'll make another.

Do you have a knife?
No, I'm afraid I don't.
L... I just moved back here
after being many years away.

I forgot to bring
any cu-cutlery.

That's odd.
People usually
leave something,

even if it is only
an old butter knife.

Oh, there.
Is something wrong, Norman?
aren't you going to eat?
No. L... l... l... I just
suddenly lost my appetite,

but you... you... you
go ahead.

Enjoy it.
I guess I'm like you. L... I
suddenly lost my appetite, too.

Oh, w-w-would you like
something else?

There're cookies for dessert.
Oh, no, no, th-thank you.
Uh, can I use
your phone again?

Who you gonna call?
Um, I just remembered this
girlfriend I have in town.

L... I mean, she's kind of
a girlfriend, and, uh,