Rikos ja rangaistus

Any enemies?
-No, or friends.

That's what the widow,
or the ex-wife said.

No criminal record?
-No, but there's something.

Three years ago he stood trial
for drunken driving, hit-and-run.

Got clear on lack of proof.
The case was never solved.

Get me the files on the case.
Not in the mood for work?
It's the blood.
What blood?
Your landlady told me
everything. -What?

You don't pay the rent and you
walk about in your room -

talking and laughing so that the
guy next door wants another room.

What did she say about blood?
It's all because of loneliness
and lack of exercise.

Your blood thickens.
She also mentioned vitamins.

And you don't let
your room be cleaned.

Won't you eat your soup? - No.
Could I then... -Go ahead.