Rikos ja rangaistus

Did they remember me?
-Very well.

You picked your laundry
up just before six.

You told us you went out
for 40 minutes. -So I did.

Now it seems I've been away
for more than an hour.

Plenty of time to get an axe and
kill at least two businessmen.

Axe? Honkanen was
shot dead. -Shot?

I didn't know that.
That proves I didn't do it.
Can I go now?

This is a waste of time.
Do you suspect me because 3 years
ago Honkanen killed my fiancee -

while he was driving drunk and got
off with a bad joke in court?

You handled the case yourself,
didn't you? -That's right.

According to his lawyer you
swore outside the court room -

to seek justice with your own
hands if the court wouldn't.

Did I really? Strange.
But if people were sent to prison
for their thoughts or words -

your prisons would
be full in no time.

I was very young.
Why don't you ask me if i did it?

Did you do it?
I won't say. Try to find out.
You had a reason to wish for death
to the man who wrecked your life.

Do I look wrecked?
Take a look in the mirror someday.