Rikos ja rangaistus

Don't you want it? -No.
I thought you'd like some coffee.
-I don't want any.

Nor do I.
Don't you like my place? -No.
Low ceilings suffocate your mind.
Maybe I'll buy a house later.

Later? Who're you going
to kill this time?

Can't you forget it?
-Can you forget it yourself?

Why do you think I'm here? -I
haven't thought about it. Tell me.

Listen, Rahikainen -
if that's your real name.

I've tried to find at least
something human in you...

Why all the trouble?
In spite of everything
I still care about you.

Do you want me to give myself up?
-Yes, or you'll destroy yourself.

That way you'll get
a lighter sentence.

And if you want...
I'll wait for you.

I can't do it.
The murderer has been caught
already. -Murderer?