Rumble Fish

Hey, Rusty James.
Biff Wilcox is Looking for you.
I'm not hiding'.
- Says he's gonna kill you.

Sayin' ain't doin'.
Say, that's tough.
These things happen. Maybe we should
go double or nothing sometime.

Sit down!
You cats are constantly fightin'
like typical fuckin' Yahoos.

Watch the language.
Hey, Benny, get me a chocolate milk.
What's this Biff doin'
about killin' me?

You're supposed to meet him tonight
behind the pet store at about 10.

Put a little hair on your chest.
- He's comin' alone?

I wouldn't count on it.
If he's bringin' friends,
then I'm bringin' friends.

You know how that's gonna turn out.
Everybody will be getting into it.

You bring people,
he brings people ...

If you think I'm goin' by myself ...
You're fuckin' crazy.

Watch your language.
Bring it down. Cool it off.

Just butt out.
Steve goes wherever I go.
Steve, sit down.

Sit down and be quiet.
Been ages since we'd had trouble.
- Chicken, Smoke?

Smoke's a chicken.
Smoke doesn't want to come.
Smoke's a chicken!
You don't wanna come? Fine.
You know I'm gonna be there.
You know what the Motorcycle Boy said.
- He hasn't been around for 2 months.

What if he came back ...
What if your brother came back
and found out?