Rumble Fish

My God, he's bleeding!
Keep him still
Just hold him.
What're you gonna do?
Do something!
Where's the old man?
- He ain't home.

Help him!
I'm just gonna take a look.
Here, take a swig of this.
A lot of blood.
Oh fuck!
What're you doin'? That must hurt!
He oughta go to a doctor!
He's been hurt worse than this.
- That could get infected!

They'd have to cut my side off.
Where'd you go?
- I went to California.

Stay down, alright?
- Fuck. California’s nice?

What do you think California’s like?
Like ail that shit in the movies.
Blondes walkin' around.
The Beach Boys.

Palm trees,
the ocean. How was the ocean?
I didn't get to the ocean.
- No?

California got in the way.
California got in the way?
Thought California was on the coast.

Don’t talk so much.
Come on, Steve!
It's not bleeding as bad.