Sans soleil

I look to the participants.
I think the people who saw off the kamikaze pilots
had the same look on their faces.

He wrote me that the pictures of Guinea-Bissau
ought to be accompanied by music from the Cape Verde islands.

That would be our contribution to the unity
dreamed of by Amilcar Cabral.

Why should so small a country—and one so poor—
interest the world?

They did what they could, they freed themselves,
they chased out the Portuguese.

They traumatized the Portuguese army to such an extent
that it gave rise to a movement that overthrew the dictatorship,

and led one for a moment to believe in a new revolution in Europe.
Who remembers all that?
History throws its empty bottles out the window.
This morning I was on the dock at Pidjiguity,
where everything began in 1959,
when the first victims of the struggle were killed.