Sans soleil

He claims that electronic texture is the only one that can deal
with sentiment, memory, and imagination.

Mizoguchi's Arsène Lupin for example,
or the no less imaginary burakumin.

How one claim to show a category of Japanese who do not exist?
Yes they're there; I saw them in Osaka hiring themselves
out by the day, sleeping on the ground.

Ever since the middle ages they've been doomed
to grubby and back-breaking jobs.

But since the Meiji era, officially nothing sets them apart,
and their real name—eta—is a taboo word, not to be pronounced.

They are non-persons.
How can they be shown, except as non-images?

Video games are the first stage in a plan for machines to help the human race,
the only plan that offers a future for intelligence.
For the moment, the inseparable philosophy of our time
is contained in the Pac-Man.

I didn't know when I was sacrificing all my hundred yen coins to him
that he was going to conquer the world.

Perhaps because he is the most perfect graphic metaphor of man's fate.
He puts into true perspective the balance of power
between the individual and the environment.

And he tells us soberly that though
there may be honor in carrying out the greatest number of victorious attacks,

it always comes a cropper.