The Big Chill

Both of you?
That shit they got
about your marriage wasn't from me.

I didn't know they were doing a story,
or why you don't believe me.

- Let's drop it!
- Say you believe me.

I believe you.
I always believe you.

Honest to God, I know it's crap.
That's why I'm getting out.

Yeah? What're you going to do?
I'm opening a club.
No shit!
Like Elaine's, but hipper.
Elaine's is dead.

You got the money?
Almost, almost.
Well, let me know.
What do you mean?
I might be interested.
So you and Alex were staying here?
We have a room downstairs.
Well, we did.
I do.
I found him.
God, it must have been awful.
It was. It was a real mess.
What will you do now?
We cleaned it up.
Are you going to stay here?
Yeah, till Sarah kicks me out.
I'm sure she'd never do that.
That's right, if I may.
That's why I'm calling, Jim.

That way, I can have a piece for you
this week and next week...

Give me a break.
I'll fly to Dallas on Monday.

She won't regain
her eyesight over the weekend.

I know, but I think I've got
something good right here.

I don't know.
It's about everything.

Suicide, despair, where did our
hope go...

Lost hope.
That's it, lost hope.

You think everything's boring.
You wouldn't say that
if it was the "Lost Hope Diet."

Michael's office called.
He doesn't have to be
in Dallas till Monday.

He asked to stay the weekend.
Harold, you didn't.