Uncommon Valor

But on this joyous day,
one sobering question,
one haunting question remains.

Are they all back?
Still listed as
missing in action

are 2,500 American men.
Are any of them
still being held prisoner?

For the families
of those men,

the Vietnamese war
will never be over

until that question
is answered.

We're waiting
for the first P.O.W.

to emerge from the plane.
All of America waiting,
and in particular,
his family is waiting.

We'll see these heroes
emerging momentarily.

We're waiting now for,
on this momentous day,

the end of the war
officially fo rthem.

This day, March 7, 1973.
The first one
coming off now!

He looks a little thin,
but considering what
he's been through,

he looks very good
from here.

He's approaching
his family now.

We're waiting
for others to come off.

There's the official reunion.
The war is over for him.
For other American families,
the agonizing will continue

For other American families,
the agonizing will continue

until they find out
the fate of their missing sons.

l'm scared.
Can I sleep
with you tonight?