Uncommon Valor

Oh, boy. There's that old
Colonel M.I.A. again.

Hello, Colonel.
How are you?
Sorry we haven't
got time today,

but give me a ring
in my office.

Colonel Rhodes,
I can't help you with your son.

I'm trying to find food
for these new refugees.

Talk to that guy over there.
He'll help.

Thank you very much.
That your boy.
He prisoner in camp in Laos.
I smuggled the picture out.
I know my son's being held
somep lace in Northern Laos,

but I need to know
exactly where.

I need a thorough recon
of the area.

I need a thorough recon
of the area.

I can go into Laos
and North Vietnam.

I've got the connections.
But it'll take a lot of money
to find your son.

Don, hi!
How are you,Jason?
What do you have for me?
You know...ifthey
find out about this,

they'll retire me,
just like they retired you.

Yeah, yeah, O.K.
I suppose someone
could call this treason.

No. No, thanks.