Uncommon Valor

This photograph
was taken

somewhere close
to where Frank is being held.

I'm not saying
Frank is one of them,

but those two
are Americans.

They're much too tall
to be Vietnamese.

Average Vietnamese man
is about 5'2-1 /2".

And that's supposed
to be Frank?

That is Frank.
I bought too many fakes
over the last 10 years.

That definitely is Frank.
Been a P.O.W.
10 years in that shit hole?

Frank is alive.
You got that?
My son is alive.
Take a look at that.
That's a high altitude

taken from a SR-71 .
Look closely.
Look at the paddy dikes.
The three lines there.
111 .
That's your old
LRRP team designation--

First Battalion,
11 th Infantry.

Don't you see it?
Right here.
That's three lines
in the ground.

It could be anything.
You know it isn't though,
don't you?

That's a message
from my son.

You know that.
Mrs. Wilkes?
Yeah, that's right.
I'm Jason Rhodes.
I phoned this morning.
Yeah, I know who you are.
Listen, my husband doesn't
want to talk to you.

I phoned him this morning,
and he said he did.

Not anymore.
Why don't you
do me a favor and go away?

Not until
I see your husband.

You've got no right
to be here.