Uncommon Valor

I'll get our boys back.
What about Sailor?
He's in Houston.
I'm going there now.

The replica of
the P.O.W. camp is ready.

Keep in touch.

All right.
Talk to you.

Don't worry.
He can't see you.

It's a two-way mirror.
Your friend, Sailor,
blowtorched a local
kingpin biker.

We're holding him on our
witness protection program.

He come in here with
a grenade around his neck.

I don't think
his bread's quite done.

I had trouble
tracking you down.

You wandered around
the whole country.

Frank mentioned you
in his letters.

He said you were
the best man in the unit.

What the hell
happened to you?

I'm so far beyond
that shit now.

I get energy
from the air.

I talk to polar bears.
I converse with paramecium.

Man, I fuck nuclear waste!
You guys will be
using real grenades.

They took mine.
Hey, look, asshole.
This is not
a bikers' acid trip.

This is a precise
military operation.

Frank was the best man
in anybody's unit.

I've got enough brain cells
to remember that.

You've got to
give me a shot, man.

You've got to.
Hey, Wilkesy.