Uncommon Valor

Blaster, when I come
over the treeline

at 0300,
that's your cue to blow up
the radio tower,

then the bridge to cut off
reinforcements from the village.

Mister Scott,
that's your cue

to neutralize
guard tower "A".

All right,

you pick up Blaster after
we've snatched the prisoners.

Major Johnson,
you pick up Scott.

O.K., Blaster,
this is the big ride.

All right, Sailor!
Gentlemen, study every
inch of this compound.

It's an exact reproduction
ofthe P.O.W. camp in Laos.

It's imperative
that we're in and out

in less than
three minutes.

The lives of everyone
involved may depend on it.

We're rehearsing so we can
do this operation in our sleep.

10 days time, we'll have
a live fire exercise.

Look, we have been pursuing
diplomatic negotiations

for the release
of all P.O.W.s,

if there are any.
An armed incursion now
would undermine
those negotiations.

It's been 10 years!
They'll be dead
by the time you negotiate!

Damn it, as my friend,
call Rhodes
and drop this project!

Look, I didn't want it
to get this far.

You know, they're prepared
to take serious measures

against your company--
I.R.S. audits,
anti-trust suits...
Fuck you, Art.
The men we're going after
will be in rough shape...