Uncommon Valor

Johnson, Rhodes...
you're in a shit pile

We're confiscating
your weapons.

My orders are to put you
in jail-- a Bangkok jail.

I don't want to put
an old soldier like you in jail,

but damn it,
this scheme of yours is crazy.

Get on the next plane home.
And don't go back
to the hotel.

They're waiting
for your ass there, too.

Since our government's
confiscated our weapons,

I'm not going to ask
you gentlemen to go any further.

It's over!
I'm not giving up
to those bastards.

My son Frank's
waiting for me.

I'll go in there
with a pocket knife!

You people do whatever
you want, O.K.?

There's got to be someplace
in Bangkok to get guns.

No. Up north
in the Golden Triangle.

We need money for that!
What about the C.I.A.?
Who cares?
It's a total wipe-out!

We've got money.
That's right.
The money
MacGregor gave us.

Everybody give it up.
Come on, all of it.
That's all I got.
What you been doin'?
Seeing the sights.
Wilkes, we're going
to need transportation.

4-wheel drive?
Buy it or borrow it?
Steal the fucker!
Left. Left!