Vivement dimanche!

You must stay in Nice?
3 more days?
I'll send it.
But don't be so nasty

to my secretary.
Stop saying "that girl".
Her name's Barbara.

If she said that,
you were right.
Why did you insult my wife?
You told her to get lost.
No, I didn't!
She's high-strung,
but she doesn't lie.

Yes, she did!
She got along well
with my former secretary.

Listen, Mr. Vercel,
why not let your wife pick
your next secretary?

My next one
will start in a month.
"Le Provencal?"
The Want Ads section, please.
I'm looking for
a skilled secretary.

She has to be fluent in English.
A month from now.
Yes, references required.
Marital status? Irrelevant.
Get yourself an orphan.
They're used to being abused!

Mr. Vercel, please.
Inspector Santelli to see you.
Detective Jambrau.
How was the hunting today?
I didn't hit anything.
I don't know why I bother.
I'm fed up.

Notice anything unusual?
I heard two odd shots.
The second
5 seconds after the first...

as if to kill off a duck.
But there was no duck.

There was no duck
but there was a hunter
whose head was shattered to bits.